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The 8 Types of Harassment

Types of Harassment
Bullying and harassment can take various forms

Harassment is another name of “harm”. It is assumed that only women and girls are the victim of sexual harassment in Australia. While the definition of sexual harassment is different, and all human beings have been subjected to it differently. Instances of sexual harassment, for example, has unfortunately become common and witnessed all around the globe. Mainly, we see one or the other day on the social media news of harassment which has led to suicide attempt, anxiety, and depression. If one thinks they are safe at home, it is a big lie to oneself. The irony is that once a human faces harassment, they are subjected to witness it again. The 8 types of harassment is important reading.

However, there are other types of harassment including on the basis of race, in the form of cyber bullying, discrimination, and harassment int he workplace. We’ve highlighted just the top 8 types of harassment below.

What are the reasons of sexual harassment?

This does not require any reason. However, hatred, jealousy, discrimination, being superior to one another and to defame are the reasons that lead to sexual harassment. There are consequences that lead to harassment. For example: if a woman or girl is being harassed by men we can claim that it was because of the low-character of the men. If a man or woman is being harassed or subjected to harassment in the workplace that could be claimed as race, color, minority or dress code etc.

Below are the eight types of sexual harassment that are faced by people:

Sexual Harassment due to caste, colour and creed

All around the globe, people from different communities live in different countries. Mainly, if we consider the Australian Community, there are people residing from different parts of the world. Different religions and mindsets residing in Australia brings a lot of thorns to go through. People face sexual harassment not just because of the consequences. Sometimes, they are victimized to harassment based on their colour. The never-ending debate of white people being superior and the black community being inferior is the reason which is the cause of harassment. People witness such harassment anywhere, unexpectedly. Sometimes, people are questioned and humiliated for their identity.

By now, when the world is evolving, few of us still remain with the old school thoughts. Accepting everyone equally remains a challenge for many, resulting in giving birth to hatred and negativity which leads to harassment whether it is in the school, college, sexual harassment in the workplace or home etc. These kinds of harassments are known as discriminatory harassment.

Types of Harassment
Physical harassment in the workplace is never acceptable

Physical Harassment/Inappropriate

Physical harassment is not only witnessed at the workplace. It is also experienced at public places. Workplaces are mainly highlighted because constant physical harassment cases are recorded at the workplace. Such harassment consists of threats, assaults and inappropriate touching. In simpler words, being uncomfortable from someone’s presence around you comes under this category. Around 50% of the women in Australia are subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace. This harassment could be of any kind such as inappropriate touching, physically being pushed, punched, and slapped or threatening for physical acts etc.

Types of Harassment
Some employees and employer think they are still in the school yard

Personal Harassment

Personal harassment takes place due to grudges, hatred and negativity for someone. Only women are not subjected to personal harassment. Students and teenagers are also subjected to it – in the form of bullying both inside and outside of school. In fact, bullying is the most common harassment that teenagers face at their first day at school known as “ragging”.

Whereas, at the workplace an employee may receive dirty comments, destructive criticism and inappropriate intimidation etc. Such toxic behavior can lead an employer or student from performing properly or even because of the disturbed environment being given to them they may back off from their role.

Disabilities effect employees in different ways, Types of Harassment
Disabilities effect employees in different ways. Discrimination should not occur

Disability Harassment

Any kind of harassment being experienced is worst. But harassing person with a disability is really bad. For anyone who harasses a disabled person we could only say it is because of the lack of moral values and ethics. People who face any disability or use disability services are subjected to this harassment. This can be experienced by anyone at school or university or even at the workplace. It could also include refusing to cater to the needs of the disabled person. While we learn helping others is the most respected and good deed, abusers do not feel ashamed of.

Age-Based Harassment

Any age group can face this kind of harassment due to their age. At some places because they would be underage for the role or at some places for being over age for the role.

At school: A student can face age harassment because of being the eldest in the class according to the age standard set for a class. For instance: A student being admitted to the standard 4 is of 12 years old. He/She would be targeted to age harassment and other class fellows may bully or make fun of them, making the survival worse for them.

At workplace: At workplace anyone can face age harassment. If a person working for a role has been over aged and has not decided on taking the retirement. Coworkers would criticize them in different ways such as: target them if any assigned deadline is not met, they take longer than usual for meeting requirements and being incapable of participating actively in the office activities. Our team have represented many sexual harassment cases in the workplace, and we provide a free consultation to discuss what options you may have available to you.

Psychological Harassment

Psychological Harassment in other words is also known as verbal abuse. The effects of this abuse affect the mind. People affected by psychological harassment bear the consequences for a long time. It may lead them to disbelief in themselves, lose hope, lead to anxiety, stress, and fear. They no longer are able to live their life like normal people. People are more likely to have mental breakdowns which can eventually lead them to commit suicide. So, yes, this harassment is dangerous. 

Types of Harassment
me too movement shone a light on victims of sexual harassment and the reality faced by many women

Request for Sexual Favours

Generally, such harassment is not only subjected to women. At times, even men are victims of sexual favors. If a man is working at low role in the office and they have woman as their boss or senior if they come through such situation, it would be difficult for men to escape the situation. So, both the genders have to face such harassment which makes the survival or continuing the job difficult decision for them.

Lastly, the most dangerous harassment is Cyber Bullying.

Types of Harassment
Cyber bullying is a digital form of harassment that can have psychological effects

Cyber Bullying

As in today’s era, everything has been digitized. The use of social media applications has made cyber bullying a strong harassment for hackers and people who hold on taking revenges etc. At this harassment various strategies could be implemented such as: texting, threatening on social media for spreading inappropriate visual content, deceive or degrade the receiver etc. If cyber bullying is not controlled at the right time, it may cause disaster to the person’s life. However, if anyone experiences cyber bullying harassment, immediately they must report to the management with evidence.

If you are wronged by anyone whether it is in the public or at the workplace, it is your sole responsibility to raise voice against the abuser. Being silent gives them power and they mistreat. Because abusers are not punished at the right time, they play with the emotions.

draw the line on all types of harassment, Types of Harassment
Draw the line on all types of harassment. Nobody should invade your space.

We are Experts in the Field of Types of Harassment

There are many more harassment examples in the workplace, to consider when determining if you have been a victim. Ultimately, many sexual harassment victims fear that they do not have anyone with whom they can share the ongoing trauma. Or even if they share with someone, they will not believe or blame them for the situation. These non-serious attitudes that victims receive made them to remain silent and it gave fuel to the abusers. There are many suicidal cases recorded which had reasons of sexual harassment behind them.

Many victims are unaware of their rights which they can claim for if they are harassed in the workplace, other than that if they speak, fight for their right justice can be served.

Sexual Harassment Australia

is a agency that has come forward to cater the needs, help and facilitate sexual harassment victims in the workplace. They offer the client valuable solutions, listens to them, anything shared with them remains confidential. Also, if anyone does not have the courage to speak to them directly, they can log a complaint or query through chat box which is responded within 2 hours. If a person is harassed at the workplace, they make sure the company compensates and they teach the victims to empower and believe in themselves. Their professional and trained teams offer counselling sessions which enables the victims to raise voice for themselves and spread awareness.

It is a place where anything shared remain confidential, they teach the victims not to suffer alone. It is one of the reliable places in Australia where anyone can trust and seek justice. We can claims to the Fair work Commission and the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) for you.

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