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Sexual Harassment as “Sexual Power”: Workplace advice

Sexual Harassment as “Sexual Power”: Workplace advice
The manager is attempting to bully the employee after the employee rejected the advances of the manager the previous Friday night.

Power and who is in control

Power is the central element on what any matter or authority is dependent. It is the power that makes someone dominant or superior to others. Power holds the value of ruling on someone, suppressing and making someone obey the commands. However, in regard to sexual harassment the culprits have taken harassment as their right which we call “sexual power”.

The question arises, “Is sexual harassment the new name for power and dominancy”?

If we closely observe the situation of the rising cases of sexual harassment in the workplace and public areas, they are rising. Women are more likely to be subjected to face harassment while men also face harassment but at smaller ratio. Yes, sexual harassment has become the power and dominancy for the ones who harasses. They have begun to take harassment as sexual power because of the victims and their silence. The situation of sexual harassment in public places and workplace has worsen. Harassment when it is big in terms is not only to be considered even when someone’s presence makes you feel uncomfortable comes under the category of harassment.

Our team have represented countless sexual harassment in the workplace cases, and that’s what makes us experts in this field. As such we know the likely reasons and situations in which workers find themselves in situations involving harassment.

8 Elements to Sexual Harassment and Power

We have already discussed the types of harassment. So, our general focus remains on the “sexual power”.  The sexual power contains following 8 elements:

  1. Impact
  2. Cultural Influence
  3. Behaviour
  4. Power relations and Hegemony
  5. Financially superior
  6. Discrimination
  7. Derogatory and
  8. Social construct.
There has to be zero tolerance of sexual harassment by the way of sexual power as a lever.


Impact refers to both the victim and the culprit. Sexual harassment impacts the victim in different ways. Not everyone has the same potential to grow and move on. While some would raise voice, move on while others would lead to distress and negative energy. For the culprit, if not stopped on the right time or if the voice is not raised, the impact they receive is that they can automatically suppress the victim and continue threatening, teasing or harassing them by all means.

Cultural Influence

For sexual power, the biggest role is played by the culture and the society. How sexual harassment comes under cultural influence or from culture? Usually, the harassers are the manly figures. There are cases in which young girls are harassed by their relatives. They harass and threat them not to tell anyone. Being young and innocent the girls remain quiet. Even if they share or complaint about the culprit, they are being asked to remain quiet. The statements after complaining received are: “Remain Quiet”, “You know he has this habit in his nature, so avoid him” and “Ignore and stay away”.

Little do we focus on ratios that these things affect the cultures; people and they influence the culprits to do more and never stop? Resulting in situations where the culprits think they have power and it is their legal right to tease, humiliate and harass.


For sexual power, the behavior defines the character and traits of a person. If the behavior of culprit and the victim are not observed and taken action, the series are not going to stop. If the behavior of a victim changes eventually from the presence of someone else psychologically it must be observed that they are not comfortable. Secondly, the culprit when they are not questioned for their practice of harassing, humiliating, and teasing they gain confidence. So, yes behavior is vital and must be considered.

PRO TIP: Apparently, behavior and the way a person responds tells a lot about the person. So, when you feel something about someone do not ignore and take action!

What Evidence Do I Need for My Sexual Harassment Claim
Prejudices run deep. Justice applies to all. Its now you excise your workplace rights is the key. The sexual power issue in the workplace has to be dealt with and resolved.

Power Relations and Hegemony

Anyone individual or group of clans that involves in the wrong acts does not do it alone. Again, they have power over that act. How do they get it? The society and the victim gives them the hold by not fighting for the right, justice and punishing the culprits. On the contrary to power relations, in the workplace it is more likely to observe these issues. The power relations enables the person to suppress the victim easily and they think money can buy them anything. With hegemony and power relations, it can be personal, political, and social harassment.

Financially Superior

There is a common proverb saying, “Money can’t buy you happiness”. But money can exploit one’s life, character, and career. Sexual harassment can be of any type but being suppressed because of financial reasons, might never put an end to the harassment. So, it is important for the suffering one’s to keep nothing over there mental peace and happiness. The one who has authority thinks they can buy the suppressor just because of financial reasons.

However, if anyone is stuck into such troubles, we recommend them to contact a legal resource which can help them and secure them from drenching themselves into more problems.


When it comes to harassment discrimination of any type. Whether it is humiliating, teasing, harassing, or bullying someone. However, sex discrimination in the workplace which we often call as “gender discrimination” is not acceptable. There could be women who are more capable than men, but they do not get the desired positions and are given certain advice and suggestions to move on or remain where they are.

Often the advice to women is given from resistance, social power and household inequalities. Even a little thing or action performed at home welcomes discrimination. So, yes, we must practice equity rather than making man figures dominant while they turn out to be the worst discriminators when they are given power.


Derogatory: When harassing or bullying someone continues for a longer time. The harassers develop derogatory terms to introduce them, tease or humiliate. While according to the human ethics, these things are unacceptable and molestation is not appropriate.  Using derogatory terms for anyone or bullying them continues and the victim cannot even speak for themselves. Rather, they avoid or ignore which gives fuel to the culprit.

Seek-out-justice-and-achieve-it.-Put-your-complaints-in,-go-to-external-bodies-if- you-have-to.-Get-advice.
Seek out justice and achieve it. Put your complaints in, go to external bodies if you have to. Get advice

Social Construct

We often get tired of the old school norms and toxic situations that we face be it sexual harassment, humiliation or anything where the victim is asked to remain quiet. No one pays attention to the social construct and its impact. In order to stop something or eradicate something from the society, we need to start it from our own selves. Social construct plays a vital role. Being humiliated or harassed by someone and remaining silent on such issues is part of the social construct. When voice is not raised against the culprit, society constructs the boundary for the victim but gives open space to the culprit.

However, if on the right time, legal action is taken social construct can change and evolve

Conclusion to: Sexual Harassment as “Sexual Power”: Workplace advice

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To gain equity and remain free from being harassed and enjoy public might be far-fetched struggle but if the victims stand against the culprits, it would no longer be a dream and turn into reality.

For any advice or any safety assurance, Sexual Harassment Australia is the right place to be contacted. Before it is too late, drop a query in the chat box and reach out to the team. They have helped many victims, made people regain their faith in themselves and improvised the well-being of many people. So, reach out to the team and relax as they hold your back. We have achieved considerable settlements in sexual harassments claims to the AHRC and state based equal opportunity bodies.

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