Sexual Harassment in Workplace

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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

As women in the workforce, an area which was primitively considered the domain of men – it imposes particular challenges. As per the data collected by Safe Work Australia – more than half (58%) of the compensation claims made between 2012 and 2017 were lodged by women for work-related stress and damage. In the same study, it was found out that work-related harassment and bullying as well as exposure to the workplace or occupational violence collectively constituted 30% of the main causes of serious mental health condition related claims.

Despite living and breathing in the 21st century, the antiquated status quos continue to replicate in modern-day situations. A lack of workplace facilitation for issues specific to women is a long-standing and worrisome example. Within these, the very well-known but rarely acted upon – sexual harassment of women – tops the list.

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A common misconception about this malpractice is that it is not just limited to expecting sexual advances and/or rape, it includes a series of commonly accepted behaviours which women are targets of simply due to their ‘gender identity’. Inappropriate touching, sexist slurs, that group of men staring-talking-pointing at their female colleagues or intact anything that makes one feel as if their personal physical space was invaded, broken into, or even entered without consent constitutes as Sexual Harassment and therefore, must be corrected.

While as a movement, workplace wellbeing is gaining traction – many facets of the problem continue to be normal and accepted forms of professional organisation and therefore, remain unexplored. The fast pace and competitive nature of the world we live in has overtime normalised such behaviours, all in the name of ‘healthy competition’ and ‘duty’. 


Protection & Strength Building

Toxic workplaces are notorious for encouraging insidious behaviour and blurring the boundaries between work and personal life. As remote work becomes the new norm, these boundaries have been further obstructed resulting in increased opportunities for malpractice through cyberbullying or ‘always on’ extended hours. In addition to the common knowledge that such toxicity in the workplace can cause mental and physical ailments to an individual – it can also trigger pre-existing conditions of anxiety, depression, auto-immune diseases or trauma. 

It’s easier to blame the individual than admit to systemic issues. For this reason victim’ blaming and shaming remain prevalent In an attempt to sweep deeper issues of equality under the rug. Targets of workplace abuse are often made to feel as though they are to blame, and encouraged to ‘pretzel’ themselves to fit into pre-existing workplace expectations. 

We believe employees are a company’s biggest assets. Therefore, a simple lack of compassion and consideration towards the workers also contributes to toxic behaviour. Whether you are a new mom or going through a difficult divorce, if somebody has behaved in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable – you rightfully deserve to be understood and shown some compassion by your employer and colleagues.

We advocate for the community over competition and believe that everyone within a workplace deserves to be celebrated for their unique skill set. In our short journey, we have received exemplary results and success stories along the way. Our patrons are our number one strength – by informing our strategies and validating our handwork, each of their victories are celebrated as our own. For we feel, by making a difference to a handful of people at a time we are slowly and gradually building a movement towards what we believe in and stand for.

The fight against the normalisation of toxic behaviour in the workplace is only possible when those at the receiving end of it stop suffering in isolation and seek the help that is necessary to end the cycle of abuse so we can collectively raise the bar for workplace wellbeing. 

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Partnering with A Whole New Approach

Optional Additions

The combat against inequality and toxicity in the workplace is a fairly new movement, many facets of which remain undiscussed and therefore go unnoticed. However, the incredible and precious work of all those organisations that are building this initiative from ground up is worthy of applause.

Therefore, to strengthen our contribution to the larger problem – we decided to join hands with ‘A Whole New Approach’. While what we believe in and are ultimately trying to achieve absolutely aligns with one-another, our means to achieve and empower our clients covers two very different but equally important processes of this journey.

The role played by them as non-legal advisors, goes hand-in-hand, with our strategy to build capacities and empower the people to walk away from the everyday abuse and start working towards a career where they are happy and valued.