Understanding Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.


Sexual harassment, as defined under state specific anti-discrimination laws or falling under sex discrimination, is unwanted or unwelcome sexual advances.

A person who sexually harasses someone else is primarily responsible for their behaviour. Don't suffer alone. Call us now.

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For over 20 years, we at A Whole New Approach Pty Ltd have been on the forefront of sexual harassment advice and claims, establishing the right to legal protection and full economic redress for workers who have been subjected to sexual harassment.

We are nationally recognized as experts in sexual harassment claims. We have won important victories for our clients and have obtained significant settlements through mediation and our tribunal and Commission work for clients who have had their rights violated.

We regularly publish and lecture on sexual harassment and women issues, and provide commentary and analysis on sexual harassment issues for universities, industry journals, community, ethnic groups, and the like.

Client counselling, timely intervention and strong advocacy can be key in stopping sexual harassment. We have assisted hundreds of employees in navigating this stressful terrain.

What is Sexual Harassment

If you were to read the Australian Human Rights Commission’s article on sexual harassment, It states any unwanted or intimidating sexual advances made on an employee is sexual harassment. Whether it be a fellow employee, manager, boss or customer.

Sexual harassment can be interpreted as physical or verbal and can also include text messages and emails.  Requests for sex or unwanted sexual favours, physical assault, indecent exposure and stalking are the most common forms of sexual harassment.

Young Woman Defending Herself For Sexual Harassment In Business Office
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Sexual Harassment Claims

If you, or someone you know have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, contact us for advice.

Be advised there is a time limit for making a claim for sexual harassment or abuse. It’s very important that you seek advice at the earliest convenience. The applicable time limit depends on your  circumstances and the claim you’re making.

Even if you think the relevant time limit has passed, you should still get advice.

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