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How to Challenge and Halt Sexual Harassment: To Say Back Off

How to Challenge and Halt Sexual Harassment
This has to stop!!

Do the startling: Name the behaviour. Whatever the harasser has just done, say it, and be specific.

How to Challenge and Halt Sexual Harassment: To Say Back Off, we get a lot of calls regarding this, employees just want jobs, and careers, just to be left alone. They are not necessarily chasing money, publicity, Instagram or tick-tock fame, it’s a serious conundrum for people. Where do I go? what can I do?. Hopefully, the following points assist you in moving forward.

Hold the harasser or sexual harasser accountable for his/her actions. Don’t make excuses for the harasser; don’t pretend it didn’t really happen. Take charge of the encounter and let people know what the harasser did. Privacy protects harassers, but visibility undermines them. don’t suffer in silence. (not sure about how to do this, give us a call).

Make honest, direct statements. Speak the truth (no threats, no insults, no obscenities, no appeasing verbal fluff and padding). Be serious, straightforward, and blunt. If need be, make notes, and bullet points, so when you put your complaint in, or confront your harasser, “you are on point”, you’re not going to get distracted, or “brushed off” by the employer.

Demand that the harassment stop.

Don’t ask, don’t mention, don’t suggest. Make it clear that all people have the right to be free from sexual harassment. Objecting to harassment is a matter of principle. Alot of people are genuinely nice, not not their way to perceived a perhaps rude. But we are talking about people who are here to take advantage of you, to get pleasure from you, it has to stop. be as rude as you like or it takes for the behaviour to stop.

Stick to your own agenda. Don’t respond to the harasser’s excuses or diversionary tactics. Some employers want to drag the conversation back to your performance, its your excuse because you haven’t meet your KPI’s, whatever. Keep going back to why your there. Don’t get into some legal argument or the what sexual harassment means or the dictionary definition of sexual harassment is. Stick to the facts.

Some sexual harassers cleverly try and try and turn it around on you, they are the victim for you accusing them “when I told my mum that I had a complaint of sexual harassment against me, she collapsed and had to go to the hospital”, that’s your fault, no it’s not. You have rights

Become for powerful within your self, reinforce your message

The harasser’s behaviour is the issue. Say what you have to say, and repeat it if the behaviour persists. Become powerful within yourself, reinforce your message, your complaints, if it stops good. If not when you take your complaint to the Fair work Commission or a human rights body, your claim will be even stronger. none of this “i didn’t know about it”, states the employer, “she only mentioned it once”, and we never heard from her again, “we didn’t know that was a complaint”.

Reinforce your statements with strong, self-respecting body language: eye contact, head up, shoulders back, and a strong, serious stance. Don’t smile. Timid, submissive body language will undermine your message. They must get the message you are serious, and that you will do something about it, if your sexual harassment or harassment complaint is not satisfactorily dealt with. Keep your self-respect, stand up for what’s right.

Respond at the appropriate level. Use a combined verbal and physical response to physical harassment.

Feel Empowered

Learn Strategies to stand up for yourself. Keep records: Keep track of what happens in a journal or diary and keep any letters or notes or other documents you receive. Keep copies of any offensive material at the workplace. Write down the dates, times (including frequency of offensive encounters), places, and an account of what happened.

In allot of complaints there isn’t any evidence of sexual harassment or harassment, that’s not the test, its on the balance of probabilities, so don’t be put off, or distracted by the employer saying “what evidence do you have?” If you have evidence copy if, keep a copy at home, show your employer, they then they have no choice but to deal with the sexual harassment or harassment.

Learn how to cope

On one level there’s some truth in this, in that you don’t want to develop psychological problems, poor physical health because of some predator’s or idiots in the workplace. We have a page up on toxic workplace culture that may assist, click here. On another level, its not learning how to cope, its about learn how to stop these behaviors, then you don’t need to cope. I know its not that simple, but the thrust of the article is to stop sexual harassment now!

How to Challenge and Halt Sexual Harassment: To Say Back Off

Its a brief blog, however i hoped it helped, life, workplaces, relationships can sometimes be like building blocks, you can build something strong, or your bricks deteriorate or are taken away from you. At A Whole New Approach, we are not harassment lawyers, or sexual harassment lawyers, but experienced, workplace advisors and representatives. We have been advising and representing employees in sexual harassment claims since 2004. We work in very state and territory we are familiar with all human rights and equal opportunity bodies and the Fair work Commission. Give us a call, its free, we will help you, advice is free. Call on 1800 333 666

How to Challenge and Halt Sexual Harassment
Ultimately justice will prevail, Employers and perpetrators of sexual harassment will be bought to account, punished, made to pay. Most employees just want a safe workplace, that’s free from harassment and sexual harassment, what the commentary above is about, i hope it has help you, moving forward. Thank you for reading the article.
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