A New Approach Pty Ltd is aN Advocacy company that has represented employees for many years. (10,000 plus claims).

In 2004, the principal Gary Pinchen (has three daughters), was getting more and more destressed by the level of sexual harassment and related enquires

And the decision was made to start representing women at various state and federal bodies around the country. This is way before the “me too” movement.

Many women, suffer in silence, most claims settle on a confidential basis. Why not? most people want justice / compensation and move on in life.

Some cannot, for a myriad of reasons,  we must take care of these women.

Sexual Harassment has changed in the work place, The culture in 2004 was more obvious, males, from colleagues, to at various levels of management would just try it on,

Even just pressure you for sex to keep your jobs / overtime / promotions/ pay increases.

In 2020, it different, now, its more covert, males act in a more predatory behaviour. The way I put it, Lions in the jungle don’t stalk, attack the biggest Wilder beast, biggest Cape Horn buffalo ,

They look for the one separated from the herd, the one limping along, the mother caring for its calf.

Males do this in the workplace, grooming young women, who need a job, just want to fit in, impressed by the bosses status, wealth, women who are victims of domestic violence, who do not have the energy to push back,

Recently separated, divorced, or widowed women. Women from lower social economic backgrounds, I know the post codes around Australia where women come from who get sexual harassed.

Claims we lodge now need to be more sophisticated, more detailed, you need to make your case, not just send a few facts on line to an equal opportunity, and let them sort it out.

The biggest difficulty I current see is women on our web site and phone calls make legitimate enquires, very few over the years pursue the claims, It’s of course their right not to.

But there is distinct trend in my view,

Even in 2020, most women know they have rights, that women do not feel empowered enough that you can take on larger companies wealthy individuals, and others will believe them.

In my submission it’s no longer about education, rights, it’s about empowerment, advances have to be made, this all has to be done with the encouragement of veracious claims.

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